Lambda What?

I had never heard of LambdaMOO until this assignment, and in all honesty, despite this passionate writer’s apparent love for the program, I’m still not clear about the concept after reading the article. What I’ve gathered is that LambdaMoo is an online chat room virtual reality, but that it works with text only rather than avatars. 

Before I elaborate on my opinion about this program, let me offer a background on how highly I value communication skills. No, internet lovers, not communicating through a computer screen. I strongly believe that being able to effectively communicate with others face-to-face is one of the most important skills that a human can possess. Strong people skills help you to build meaningful relationships, make connections in the business world, and leave a relevant impression on everyone you meet. I came to Loyola last fall without knowing anyone. I had to move in with three girls I had never met before and start from scratch meeting people and building friendships. Now, eight months later as I’m getting ready to leave for the summer, I can confidently say that the biggest lesson I learned was how to be comfortable opening up and communicating with others. The skill of face-to-face communication will benefit me far more than any math problem or exam. 

That being said, the informational article on LambdaMoo actually made me sad. The author writes “This really begins to cultivate the real world feeling” and “Get ready to be able to hold a conversation!” What I would like to ask the author is.. if a person is striving to attain the “real world feeling,” then why don’t they go into the REAL WORLD and have some face-to-face interactions! I can guarantee that the person will benefit more from a conversation that involves speaking and eye contact rather than just talking. I don’t mean to be insensitive; I’m sure many people aren’t comfortable with speaking in person, in which case LambdaMOO would be a great place. But if I could offer a piece of advice to anyone who comes across this article, it would be to face your fears and talk to someone. In person. It helped me greatly and it will help you too. 

Below I added a photo of some of the friends I’ve made at school. Introducing myself to them and holding a conversation has made me the communicator I am today.


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