Texting: Effects on Our Youth

The above photo showing a toddler’s fascination with a cell phone is  perfect transition into a question that many people want to know the answer to: is texting negatively affecting our youth? As a student in a New Media class and as the big sister of a teenager who would rather send a text than have a face-to-face conversation, I am also curious to find the answer to this question. Although I believe it’s necessary for youth to be technologically literate, studies have been done to prove that excessive texting comes with its fair share of  risks.

As I planned my strategy for finding answers to this pressing question, I couldn’t help but think back to Nicholas Carr’s article “Is Google Making Us Stupid.” My first thought was to Google “kids texting,” which isn’t exactly the most academically correct way to research. After refining my search to “kids+texting+effects” on Google Scholar, I found a few articles that I believe would be helpful in researching the topic.

Acquired Cognitive Behavior Changes

The link above leads to an article about studies that have shown a less accurate response in cognitive function tasks for kids who use their phones excessively. The interesting part of this article is that the studies also show a faster response rate, which can display an advantage of technological literacy.

Kids Connected, Parents Concerned

This second article highlights the possible dangers of excessive texting, including loss of focus and troubles with spelling. This article would be helpful and interesting in research because it refers to excessive texting as an “addiction,” something with which I would agree, and it also offers real-life experiences with the problem from a fifteen year old texter.

Effects of New Tech

This third link leads to an interesting article that would benefit a researcher. The author recognized concerns of adults that new technology leads to isolation. He then weighs these concerns against opinions of skilled therapists. Based upon research, these opinions will be valid and beneficial to a research paper.

Finally, the link below leads to a YouTube video voicing some common concerns about texting as children. (I found this link by searching “kids texting” on YouTube; sorry Nicholas Carr!)

Late Night Texting Affecting Teens Health

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