A Delicious Discovery

Anyone who works with or uses the internet on a regular basis knows the frustrating feeling of not being able to remember which password variation matches up with which website. I can say firsthand that the number of online accounts is overwhelming, and I haven’t even been introduced to half of them. I was reluctant to create a Delicious account for that reason. I didn’t want another username/password combination to remember and I didn’t have time to sit around and teach myself how to navigate a new site. 

But Delicious is easy. In fact, my technologically challenged mother could probably teach herself the ins and outs of an account. Upon sign up, I was prompted to drag an icon to my bookmarks bar that I just have to click whenever I find a website that I want to add to my links. I immediately tested it out by looking up a video I had watched earlier about the Susan G. Komen news. Sure enough, all I had to do was simply press the button and the website was linked to my page. I was pleasantly surprised at the simplicity of this site and I definitely see myself using it into the future for any articles or websites that I find interesting. 

While I don’t want to fill my “links” page with a bunch of garbage or mindless articles, I had to add a link to a fashion website I found. It takes snapshots of people on the streets in various cities, which will be a useful tool for me before I pack for trips or go shopping. Now that it’s on my page I can access it at any time. 

My Delicious account can be found at http://www.delicious.com/jessica_furman. .

Another site I introduced myself to this week is Google Reader. I first subscribed to wired.com, whitehouse.gov, New York Times technology, and Forbes Tech Information. But after seeing how easy it is to have all my articles sent to me, I also subscribed to fashion blogs such as Vogue and Europe Street Style, and finally CNN.com to keep up on breaking news. 

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